Making lists. Checking them once.

Planning out your day right from the beginning, before you do anything else.
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Occasionally I write lists of things I need to do. They usually include important tasks for the day, people I need to call and reminders to do things that otherwise might get forgotten. They are good lists with good intentions. They might even start with something I've already achieved so that I can tick it off and start the day with a win.

The problem is that once the list is written, the chances are it won't get looked at again until it's too late. It's the same old story that starts with getting on with one job, then getting distracted by an email or social media or another job and then before you know it, the day has gone and the list has been confined to office history. I then write a new list and the cycle repeats itself.

I recently listened to a podcast about the benefits of planning out your day right from the beginning, before you do anything else. Podcast Guy said that he gets up at 5am, goes to his shed and writes a list for the day. Without it he is lost and doomed to a day of distraction, dithering and disappointment. This is heroic stuff. 5am is no time to be sitting in a shed.

I don't have a shed and I don't have an alarm clock that goes off at 5am but I am inspired by Podcast Guy to be more productive and use my time more effectively. So, this week, in an effort to be more wise and fruitful I decided to be more intentional. I wrote my lists and I jolly well stuck to them.

It has worked. I've met deadlines, returned phone calls, finished projects, ignored the temptations of Instagram and even eaten my lunch on time. 3pm is lunch time right?

The 'list' empowered me to say 'no' to other things that are not on the list and gave me a sense of achievement at the close of play when all or most targets had been ticked off. Podcast Guy was right. Tired and cold, but right.

And now I've made it through my first list filled week. Everything is done. The only thing left on my list is to write a short blog but I'm all out of ideas.

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