Tell me what you want, what you really, really want.

Don't leave it to chance, it could get messy.
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It's August so inevitably our thoughts are turning to Christmas and the giving and receiving of thoughtful gifts.

I‘ve was never very good at saying what I would like for Christmas. As a result I’ve received some pretty random gifts over the years and frequently never been given what I actually wanted. The boxset that never got opened, the book that just sat on the shelf, and more recently, the pair of old pants for cleaning the car with (I didn't even try).

I think I believed everyone should instinctively know what I wanted or needed and I felt disappointed when they didn’t fully understand the internal workings of my brain. 

There was a very special moment circa 1983 when I asked for an art folder for my A Level art projects. In my head this art folder was going to be sleek and black, with little handles, leaving me aching with 6th Form pretentious sophistication as I walked my 2 miles to school everyday.

Unfortunately I had not been clear in my communications and what I got on that Christmas morning was a large, bright blue, canvas, art folder with red piping and rainbow shoulder straps.

What I wanted was art school cool, what I got was something from the circus.

It never made it out of the house.

It’s really important that we define exactly what our customer wants and even more important to make it clear that what they want is what we offer. Don’t be vague or use insider language. Don’t leave the customer wondering if you really do offer what they are looking for, and don’t define too many things. Any confusion will probably mean the potential customer will walk away and go elsewhere.

Remember, customers don’t necessary go for the best service or product, they go for the one they can understand the quickest and clearest.

I now make a list for Santa, just to make sure I don't get any old underwear again.

Do you need to communicate with clarity?

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