A Familiar Journey?

Last week a friend and I drove a ten-hour 540 miles round trip to Glasgow to hear an author promote his new book at our not-inconsiderable expense. Are we crazy?

U2 frontman Bono was reading extracts from his memoir intertwined with songs from the band’s back catalogue. It was his story mixed in with ours. In harmony with the melodies, the stories evoked memories and emotions that engaged the 2000+ audience so well that we did not miss our mobile phones secured in locked pouches for the entire evening. For nearly 2 hours he told a story of his desire to achieve a goal he could not do alone.

Bono’s story follows a familiar journey that our customers are also traveling:

• A need for something
• Barriers that must be overcome to get it
• Help from someone who knows the way through
• A pathway to follow
• Encouragement to follow that pathway
• Avoidance of failure
• Success in finding what they are looking for.

When we bring our potential customers into a story where they are the main character, everything we do becomes about their success.

If you need help clarifying the story you could be telling your customers go to presscreative.co.uk/contact and schedule a call because sometimes you can’t make it on your own.

P.S. Were we crazy? It was a beautiful day!

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