Be Heard!

One sunny morning a few years ago I was jogging along my usual country lane route, listening to some helpfully upbeat running tunes when my rhythmic stride was rudely interrupted by an uninvited noise. White van man had been patiently inching along behind me for a few yards before realising I couldn't hear him so he hit the hooter. Hard.

My need for a soundtrack had drowned out everything else and I did not have a clue that an increasingly irate driver of a vehicle that had clearly seen more than it's fair share of scrapes was about to invite me to stand aside and let him pass. I swiftly made way. Gandalf I was not.

Our marketing and brand messaging is not always heard because we are not talking about the right things and not using the right words. We are standing in the way of the message.

At Press Creative we help small businesses to create clear brand messaging that connects with their ideal clients, so they are seen, heard, and understood.

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