Being Specific

About 20 years ago, my wife and I had a few days in New York City. A friend had been a few times before and told us about a little restaurant on 1st Avenue that did ‘the best pork chops’. Another friend recommended a particular pizza from a place above some shops in SoHo.

Although we were staying near Central Park, we made the journey twice to both eateries. That’s about 15 miles for some meat and a cheese sandwich. Why? Partly because we didn’t want to miss out on something but also because they were very specific recommendations. If my friends had said ‘go south, the culinary experience is amazing there’ we probably would have probably ignored the vague advice.

When we are specific with our product and service offerings, our potential customers have a better chance of understanding what they will get for their investments. Clarity beats confusion every time.

We help small businesses be seen, heard and understood with a clear marketing message for social media content, website copy and graphic design so they attract more clients.

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P.S. The pork chops and the pizza were worth the very long walks (it’s the best way to see a city) but please don’t ask me to remember the names of the restaurants after 20 years!

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