Communicate with Clarity!

About 20 years ago I was on a flight to Cairo that had a short stopover at Rome airport. In those days my drink of choice was a bucket of latte from Starbucks or Costa and having never been to Italy before, this 90 minutes on Italian concrete was a chance to have a real Italian latte.

Real coffee from the land of coffee drinkers.

I had a few euros in my pocket and having landed in Rome I scouted the terminal for the best looking cafe. A row of finely dressed, coffee drinking Italians were stood at the bar I had selected and as I queued I felt the anticipation growing.

Real coffee in the land of coffee drinkers.

I don’t speak Italian but as the smooth looking bar tender looked at me for my order I said in my best Anglo Italian ‘Un Latte Per Favore’. He looked at me and repeated back to me what I said. I nodded and repeated back to him. Anticipation was now at fever pitch.

30 seconds later I was stood at the bar, next to many finely dressed, coffee drinking Italians nursing a glass of cold milk.

Caffè latte! It’s Caffè latte!

One important word made all the difference and I missed it!

At Press Creative we help small businesses say the right things to get the results they want. Clear design and strategic messaging that can be applied in clear marketing.

P.S. I now drink a small Americano without milk which, as I discovered after a long lunch in Paris a few years ago, is also a rather strong cocktail. But that’s another story.

Communicate with clarity and get the results you want.

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