We Need a Plan

We recently found ourselves looking for a cafe for a quick lunch in a town we’d never been to before.

We walked into Cafe #1. There were lots of people eating and lots of staff. However, no staff members looked up to greet us. There was know way to know whether we should stand at the door and wait to be seen, or sit down at a table and wait for someone to bring us a menu, or order at the bar and then find a table, or find a table then order at the bar, or would a waiter will be round to take our order? Nothing. We felt a little stupid. And left.

Walking into an equally packed Cafe #2 we were immediately greeted, shown to a table, given menus and told that someone would be over shortly to take our order.

It may sound simple, but when customers don’t know how to do business with you they move on. They don’t want to appear stupid. Just because you know, don’t assume that everyone else knows.

A clear 3 step plan helps takes the mystery away. Explain the process. Don't leave it to the customer to work it out. Build a bridge using words that links the customer problem to the solution you offer to that problem.

As hungry customers we needed:

1. Sit here.
2. Order there.
3. Eat and be filled!

Don't let your potential customers leave before you even knew they were there!

At Press Creative we help small businesses to create clear brand messaging that connects with their ideal clients.

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