In the Right Place

A couple of weeks ago I was sitting in my steamed up car in Tesco car park. I was supposed to be joining a storytelling webinar on Zoom but a sudden torrential downpour was preventing me from getting to my studio, and my phone was struggling to load the stream and kept buffering.

When I left the studio for a meeting an hour earlier the weather was fine so I decided not to pick up my coat. Now there I was, stuck in one place when I really wanted to be in another. The cost of moving from the car to the office was to be wet and cold for the rest of the afternoon. The reward was to learn something new and be inspired to be more creative.

Have you ever felt like your business is stuck in one place when you really want it to be somewhere better? A better connection with your customers will help move your business on.

Get clarity about how to connect with your customers. We are offering a free messaging review of your website or social media now on our website. Look good, sound great, and grow your business.

20 minutes later it was blue sky and sunshine.

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Your small business marketing should give a clear message that engages your customer and grows your business.

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