What is 'Brand Messaging'?

We are sometimes asked what we mean by 'brand messaging'.

Brand messaging is the written, verbal, and visual communication that a company uses to attract its target audience. 

Effective brand messaging should create a consistent and memorable identity that connects with the ideal customer. It should be clear, concise, and relevant to the target audience.

This could include (not exclusively):

1. Tagline or header: A short, memorable phrase that captures the imagination of the reader.

2. A one-liner or elevator pitch: A statement that defines the problem the target audience faces, the product or service that the brand offers to overcome this problem, and the successful outcome the customer experiences if they use the brand product or service.

3. Product or service descriptions: Clear and compelling descriptions of the problems solved by the brand's products or services.

4. Marketing copy and images: The customer focussed language and images used in advertising, promotional materials, and other marketing communication.

5. How to do business: A simple plan the customer can follow to do business with you.

Brand messaging should be consistent across all channels and touchpoints, including websites, social media, advertising, and customer service. 

Of course it can evolve over time to reflect changes in the brand's strategy and positioning, as well as changes in the market and customer needs.

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