You Need a Microphone

A little over two weeks ago Sir Paul McCartney successfully headlined Glastonbury at the age of 80, but on this day 37 years ago at about 9:45pm he was the big final act at Live Aid at Wembley Stadium. 72,000 people in London, 89,000 in Philadelphia, and on live tv to an estimated 1.9 billion people across 150 countries. That’s almost 1/3 of the planet.

He came on, sat down at the piano and started the intro and first verse of Let it Be. One of the biggest singers, from arguably the biggest band, singing one of their biggest songs. It should have been a glorious rock and roll triumph that united the world.

But as he sang no-one joined in. He carried on. Still very few people sang along.

In all the technical mastery that goes with running a groundbreaking event like Live Aid, his microphone wasn’t coming through the speakers, or the TV feed. Except for those sweaty souls at the very front, no one could hear him for about 2 minutes. He found himself in times of trouble, and Mother Mary was nowhere to be seen.

Getting the attention of your potential customers can sometimes feel like yelling into a packed stadium without a microphone.

The vision of Press Creative is to help small businesses thrive through engaging design, and words that matter, so that the things they say - their marketing - connects.

We help them be seen, be heard, and be understood.

Contact me and we can talk about how you can communicate with clarity.

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